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Campaign Journal



Here is a journal of the campaigns activities to date.  Providing a little background to the players, and their exploits.

June 19, 2000

A group of 3 Special Forces Soldiers, one displaced Ranger and me, one wrench monkey,  led by a Lt. Col. from Intel broke out of Kalisz.  "We encountered two BMP's as we got the message to haul ass, the ranger dispatched one with a captured RPG from our 5-ton.  Then we just hauled ass!  We didn't encounter any of the guarding units to the south, though we could hear others running into them.  We ran across a straggler who refused to join up with us, the Colonel ordered us to shoot his ass, and take apart his Humvee for spare parts."

June 20, 2000

We found a couple of girls out foraging by a pond about half a click from our campsite. One of the SF guys got a  look at one while she was bathing, nice rack I hear.  Come to find out their dad is the old Police Chief in Ostrzeszow.  They gave us some pretty good Intel.  Sound like a rear casualty station, we may be able to take care of them.  Later in the day two of the SF guys got into a firefight with some Russian stragglers held up in a farm house.  The LT, a real Rambo, type got pretty messed up.  I hear he yelled freeze from about two hundred feet with a .45.  All in all the two guys took out like 8 guys, and lo and behold we found the two girls locked up in the barn with the farmers wife.  Looks like they skinned the farmer alive.  No combat for me, I was tearing apart that Humvee.  Farm had a UAZ configured to run gasoline, sometimes I wonder about those Intel guys.  You want to know how an army moves?  Ask a mechanic.

June 21, 2000

Come to find out the LT will live to fight another day, the LT. Col. has some medical experience, and was able to patch him up.  Four more Russian ran into our encampment, two were killed, and two got locked into the root cellar, (After I emptied a ton of supplies from it of course).  The Police chief and two other old timers showed up today as well.  One of the SF guys is sweet on one of the girls.  Sounds like we are going to help them rid the soviet presence.  I spent the day outfitting the vehicles, and adding some armor.

June 22, 2000

What a nightmare, I didn't get any sleep last night.  I ended up emptying my Uzi into the root cellar, the Russians where trying to get out.  I was able to fill up both the 5-ton and the Humvee as well as our jerry cans at the Ostrzeszow still.  Our guys got rid of all the MP's in town pretty easy.  Discipline is really breaking down, one of the SF guys raped on of the nurses, and the LTCol got busy with a Russian radio operator with a machete.  The chief asked us to take care of all the wounded, a few put up a fight, but we took care of them.  We burned down the hospital quarters, some of the guys were screaming god only knows what.  The fire kind of go out of control, once the still went up, the whole fucking town went up in smoke.  The villager weren't real happy about it, and they turned on us.  They were put down too.  So much for Ostrzeszow.  One of the SF guys took that girl, Natia with us.

June 23, 2000

We can still see Ostrzeszow burning in the distance.  We took out a LARGE convoy headed north from Kepno.  I think we used a little too much C-4, nothing was left, what a waste of all that gas.  The LT took and RPG in the chest in the process.  We buried what was left of him in his foxhole with a Kevlar and his busted M-60 as a headstone.  As we drove off the fire from Ostrzeszow and the convoy were still burning.

June 24-July 1, 2000

We met up with some other mechanics from the 5th.  They had an ammo box full of pot.  We spent most of the time in the woods distilling fuel, smoking weed and resting up.  The LT Col sent a group of refugees to Ostrzeszow.  He's a cold bastard.  I'm getting tired of listening to Ed Johnston (SF Guy) fucking that young girl.  It makes it hard to sleep.

July 1, 2000

A raiding party went out to blow a bridge in Sierandz.  They got the bridge, and ran into an immobile t-80 guarding it.  Another T-80 gave chase, but the got away.  I wanted to kill the LT Col after seeing the condition he brought my Humvee back in.  These guys think vehicles repair themselves.

July 2, 2000

We hit a smaller convoy today, again too much C-4, everything burned up.  Not sure where we'll be going from here, as long as it gets me closer to home, I guess it doesn't matter much.